The Careful Hockey Bet

There is something to be said about people that have invested time and effort into looking at sports betting and handicapping, and that's simply incredible. Those that can figure out patterns and player moves in advance will be rolling in money at a variety of points. This is illustrated constantly by many expert gamblers that have written books, and have even made money on sports that might not be as popular as others, such as hockey and beyond. Before you try and figure out what to do in regards to hockey, you'll have to look at a very specific amount of information that relates to the league you're watching. For instance, if you're watching Canadian Hockey, you'll want to make sure that you have all the specific information that is available for that league. A good hockey bet is made on information and not speculation or fan favoritism.

The careful hockey bet starts with reading the statistics that are put out by all news sources. You'll want to avoid reading it from the team websites, as they seem to be more optimistic than realistic. Go for a non-partisan source, and look at intricate details and wording that will give you an edge. Look out for players that get injured, or accumulate a lot of penalty minutes. You want to take note at what players are on hot streaks, which ones are having a hard time adjusting to the speed of the game, and in some instances, look at the tabloids to see if any of the players have broken up with their wives or girlfriends. It's information that makes serious sports handicapping a business, and not just a hobby.

Expert gamblers are data hounds, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of what the average fan will find useless. This is often illustrated by casual fans that place money down on their favorite team, not keeping in mind certain phenomena, like home field advantage, and much more. The notion of home field advantage is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to player phenomena. In hockey, one thing to look out for is for players that have been traded from one team to another and how they cope with their former team's crowd. This can really give you a key piece of information for the future of your bets.

The best money you can place on a game is smart money, and that is easily illustrated by paying attention to minutia, and keeping in mind one last thing; players are human and are susceptible to outside forces. Don't ever think any of them are super human.

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