Bad Beats and Poker Tilts

Poker is a very psychological game. You can be the most skilled player in the world but if you can't keep your emotions under control you will have trouble being a successful poker player. It is very important to only play poker when you are in a good mood and have a clear mind. When you are on tilt your emotions are affecting you play, so must either take a break or leave the table. When people lose a big pot or are tilting they often play faster and looser. When playing live poker games at the casino you are playing against real people with real emotions. Often these emotions have physical manifestations of the body that can be viewed by others at the table. These are called tells, and once you understand what they mean you can use them to your advantage. Below are some of my favourite tells.

Strong means weak. Weak means strong - Often players will try to be deceptive to persuade you to make the wrong decision. If your opponent acts very confidently or strongly, they are in fact are weak. They want you to fold or play passively. The big sigh - People often sigh when they have a big hand. It is a very common example of "weak means strong." They will make a big sigh and then begrudgingly make a call. Be aware they probably have a big hand. I love this tell because it's so obvious. Looking around the room - Often a player with a strong hand will sit back in their chair and look around the room. This person is trying to be innocuous so as not to scare off any opponents. If a player does this after a big bet, you should be afraid of a strong hand. When a flop of 3 cards of the same suit comes out on the flop, a player may look at his hole cards. This often means that the player can only remember that his has cards of two different suits, but not sure of what thex are exactly. The player would not have two cards of the same suits, because if he had two hearts in his hands for example, he would have been routing for hearts to come out on the flop.

Taking bad beats is a sign that you are playing well, a good player will take more bad beats than he will give. This is because you are playing better starting hands and are probably well ahead pre-flop or on the flop. If you are having many consecutive losing sessions you may want to consider analysing your game. Look back at your stats and the way that you played certain hands.

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